My name is Pablo Ronda.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

Here you can find my best and latests works.


Pablo Ronda Pascual

Spain, 1989


• 03/2009 Monographic. Bust Sculpture by FAUSTO GUTIERREZ, Leganés (16 h).
• 10/2009 Monographic. Male anatomy by PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ, Leganés (16 h).

• 03/2010 Monographic. Female anatomy by PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ, Leganés (16 h).
• 07/2010 Monographic. Portraits by ALFONSO GOZALO, Leganés (16 h).
• 11/2010 Monographi. Fabrics and clothing by ALFONSO GOZALO, Leganés (16 h).
• 01/2011 Monographic. Creatures by PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ, Leganés (16 h).
• 03/2011 Historical Figure Course by ANTONIO ZAPATERO GUARDINI, Gijón (15 h).
• 07/2011 Monographic. Male anatomy by ALFONSO GOZALO, Leganés (16h).
• 09/2011 Intensive course. Moulds and casting of resin and metal by JOSÉ GABRIEL GARCÍA CALVO, Valladolid (100h).
• 02/2012 Monographic. Sculpting elements by PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ, Alcalá de Henares (16h).


• Freelancer for associations and particulars.
• Freelancer for Zénit Miniatures.
• Freelancer for Shadowcrafter.
• Sculptor of Adalid Models (2011-2013).
• Sculptor of Artefive (2011-2013).
• Freelancer for Dolman Miniatures.
• Freelancer for Miniaturas Beneito.
• Freelancer for Miniaturas Artelvira.
• Sculptor of Wolfs Productions Spain (2013-2014).
• Freelancer for Miniaturas Ramirez.
• Freelance for Numa S.L, MundoFiguras.
• Sculptor of Clay Dreams (2014-2017).
• Freelance for Agencia Arsenal.
• Freelancer for United Empire Miniatures.
• Freelancer for Semper Fidelis Miniatures.
• Freelancer for FESME Games.
• Sculptor of Asgrataris Miniatures (Social and Solidary Project).


• Contributor to magazines E5D Webzine, Gameforces and Euromodelismo.
• Own vacuum pump. Capacity to make moulds and reproductions of pieces.
• Modeling course applied to conversions (4 h) (Exmundis, Almería, 2010)
• Demonstration of modeling a head (Exmundis, Almería, 2010)
• Participation in exhibitions "Del Chambergo a la Boina Verde" (Valladolid, 2012) and "Historia, Arte y Miniatura" (Toledo, 2012), about Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.
• Modeling show at "Freakzone" (8 h) (Ponferrada, 2014).
• Modeling show at MAPA Contest (Palencia, 2014)
• Modeling show at Pandorum Shop (3 h) (Talavera de la Reina, 2014)
• Modeling show at Donosti Contest (San Sebastián, 2014 y 2015
• Modeling show at 3rd Toral de los Vados Expo (Ponferrada, 2015)