My name is Pablo Ronda.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

Here you can find my best and latests works.


Aztec Warrior, Mexia Captain 1519

Figure made for United Empire Miniatures.
Painted by Mike Cramer.

Scale: 1/10


The Last Necromancer

Made for Clay Dreams Miniatures.

1/30 scale (60mm)

Painted by Joan Carles Ros.



Bust made for Fantastic Miniatures (Mephisto redux).

Scale 1/10 (60mm)

Box Art by Marc Masclans.


Floki (Vikings)

Figure made for Clay Dreams Miniatures.

Scale 1/6 (95mm)

Scan and 3D reduction to 1/10 scale.

In a parallel universe...

Original sculpture and painting. 

Gold Medal in Fantasy Scratch at Leganes 2015.
Gold Medal in Fantasy Scenes at AMT 2015.
Gold Medal in Fantasy Scenes at Zaragoza Contest 2015.
Best of Show at Talavera de la Reina Contest 2015.